Irwin Industrial Tools 3061001 Miter Saw Laser Guide Reviews

In this Irwin Industrial Tools 3061001, Miter Saw Laser guide Reviews, we will discuss the basic features, advantages, and disadvantages of this model. A Miter Saw Laser guide can
upgrade your miter saw normal to the exact accuracy power tool. If you want to convert your miter saw into a laser-guided power tool, then simply follow some easy way. One laser guide
installment you can convert your miter saw into an excellent laser-guided saw. The laser guide wills precious you’re cutting skill and automatically turn on and off your cutting process when necessary.

In this article, we try to discuss this laser guide. This saw Laser guide is a laser guide that will set in most of the miter saw available in the market. Let’s have a look at the key features of this model. In this review, we hope you will find your suitable laser guide and instruction of adding the guide with your miter saw.


Price $93.80
Rating 3.2 out of 5
Model 3061001
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Key Features of Irwin 3061001 Miter Saw Laser Guide

  • Retrofit for all kind of miter saw.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Blade rotation turn on and off automatically.
  • Adjusting bolts are included.
  • Constructed with steel.
  • he total measurement 10inx 1in x 6.25 in.

Construction: First Thing to look at!


This model is made of steel. Irwin is a popular name for power tool production. They introduce their laser guide with a high adaptable feature. Most of the miter saw is adaptable with this laser guide model.


Measurement: Don’t forget to check!

The laser guide has a different size for a different kind of miter saw. According to your miter saw the size, you can choose your laser guide. From small to large size laser guides, you can find in the market or online selling point. It is really a concerning issue before you buy a laser guide. If you buy without knowing your miter saw the size, then it will mess. At first, measure your miter size and then order your required size from producers. To learn about the correct size, you
can read the previous customer’s review from online stores like

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Appearance: Everyone should look into Irwin Industrial Tools 3061001, Miter Saw Laser guide Reviews

This product comes in different colors and sizes. Though the color and appearance are not a big deal for a miter saw, you can select a color from different varieties. If you match the laser guide with your miter saw in the same color, then you can give emphasis on the appearance of the laser guide. But trust us, it could not increase or decrease its efficiency level.


The laser guide is one of the effective power tool equipment. So, the producers of the laser guide try to construct their product with Sturdy materials. Irwin is a popular brand for laser guide because they always maintain their product quality. They use heavy steel materials to produce their laser guides and also make it adaptable for most of the miter saw available in the market.


When you buy a tool for your industrial work, you should decide a place for storing too safely. So, before buying your laser guide, you fixed the place to store the tool previously. After knowing the space capacity, you should choose the suitable size of your laser guide. This will help you to manage your power tool safely and correctly.

Irwin Industrial Tools 3061001 Miter Saw

Rating Score

For buying products from an online store know about its previous customer rating is really a good option. Like other products, the miter saw is a highly rated product that people buy from the online store. Before, we can say this laser guide is one of the highly-rated products of So, if you read previous reviews from a customer, you can understand the quality of the product. This product has a medium range of customer ratings.

Product Warranty

The product that has a good producer warranty is best for buying from the online shopping store. A product like a miter saw laser guides are the long run product. So, if there is no warranty for the product parts, then you face difficulty in the future. The good thing is that the saw laser guide has two years of warranty.
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What we like 

  • Includes retrofit feature
  • The laser guide comes with connection bolts
  • You can easily install the laser guide with your miter saw
  • It has an automatic turn on and off feature
  • The extra bolts for further use are also included with the laser guide
  • For straight woodcutting, a line of laser guide light produce by it
  • The price is pretty reasonable compared to the other brands.

What we don’t like

  • The alignment of the laser line is not straight 
  • The customer service is not up to the mark.
  • The indoor performance is good but outdoor performance is dull

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

Is the laser guide including battery with it?
2 LR44 batteries are required for the Irwin 3061001 laser guide. They are included
Dose Irwin 3061001 laser guide fit with Delta 26-2250?
There is no clear information about it. But it will fit most of the miter saw.
When battery expires, is it replaceable?
Yes! You can replace the batteries when required.

Final word

For a carpenter power tool like a miter saw is an essential tool for professional woodwork. But ordinary miter saw does not provide up to the mark performance always. To upgrade your miter saw as a laser guided power tool, buy a good brand laser guide. Before buying a laser guide, you should gather proper information about the best quality laser guide. In this review, we try to describe the Irwin industrial tools 3061001 laser guide positive and negative issues with an honest opinion.
Hope this article will help you to get proper information about this laser guide. Though this product has some drawbacks, you can ignore the drawbacks of its reasonable price and other positive qualities. Having a laser guide can make your miter saw more accurate and efficient. Any carpenter can make their woodwork as a professional level carpenter.
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