Milwaukee 6955-20 Review Miter saw

If you are a professional woodworker or doing woodwork in your home, then you must need the Milwaukee 6955-20 review or best miter saw for your work. Professionals are likely to make investments in their professional needs. If you are smart for choosing an instrument for your workspace, then you would love to choose Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw. In this article about the best miter saw Milwaukee6955-20 review,

we are going to discuss Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw detail features, specifications and also the lacking of this miter saw. Safety and steadiness is the basic need for a woodworker. You can enjoy both these features in this saw. But do not be a fool to think about it as a cheap miter saw.

It is one of the expensive miter saw available in the market. So, you need to know about some issues before buying it from an online shop. First, you need to know about its price range. If it is suitable for your budget and required feature, then go for it.

Then compare with other product with the same budget. It will help you to make the right decision for selecting that item. Let’s have a quick look on Milwaukee miter saw specifications and then at its main features.

Main Feature Milwaukee 6955-20 Review Miter Saw Steady Power skill

The Milwaukee has regular power skill that provides the saw blade speed uniform and stable while cutting wood. This power is not present in all miter saw in the market. It features with 15 AMP motor which is powerful enough for large size wood pieces.

milwaukee 6955-20 review miter saw

When it turns to cut large wood, this steady power helps a lot to do this easily. Moreover, this model of Milwaukee has a new 12-inch digital miter. With the help of this miter, you can cut the bevel cut in an awkward position. The digital miter angle allows you to quick adjustments in different areas of wood pieces.

It provides precise cutting with the saw blade without making any mistakes. So, you can any design or shape for your home decor or professional-level work. These features make it ideal for every woodworker.

This product produces from Taiwan, and it is long-lasting for its construction materials. It also has auto zeroing technology that helps you in the quick going situation.

Specification of Milwaukee 6955-20 Review

Product informationTechnical Details
Model number6955-20
Product price$749.00
ShippingFree Shipping on orders over
Customer review3.7 out of 5 stars
Sold ByRed-Tag Pricing
Warranty5 Year Limited
Item Weight78 pounds
Product Dimensions 30.9 x 22.8 x 21.9 inches
Power SourceCorded-electric
Measurement SystemMetric

Durable and suitable for rough use:

If you see the product image, then you can understand that it looks so dense and durable. Its outlook is also eye-catching to you. The Red and silver color combination of this miter saw impresses you.

However, it is not only looking attractive but also does a great job. It is 78 pounds in weight that seems too heavy, but this feature makes it steady and durable.

When thinking about any professional project base work then you have to use the miter saw roughly. That’s why you can choose this saw for its heavy-duty feature. It is powered by corded electricity, so you need not spend any money on buying batteries.

Its powerful motor makes this machine suitable for hard lumber cutting. The motor provides constant power for its cutting blade. It also helps in maintaining blade speed even when there is heavyweight carried on the saw.

Integral Dust Collection Channel:

In this sliding bevel, miter saw there is a dust collection channel. It can clean up to 75 percent of dust and debris produce from the woodwork. So, it is easy to stay clean with this technology.

Blades are remaining clean and sharp for a long time. For this, it is much easy to keep your miter saw active for a long time. It also has a waste collecting container that collects waste automatically with its airflow feature.

We are pretty much sure that you cannot find this feature on other miter saw in this industry.

Easy to Adjust

This miter saw is flexible. It features with single lever adjustment with different degree angle of stop the saw blade immediately. The saw is easily movable in both right and left side without any trouble. The range of adjustment angle is 0 to a 48-degree angle.

Cutting Ability

The cutting blade of a miter saw is the main component of a saw. So, it is vital to choose a saw with a high-quality saw blade. This miter saw is a
sliding type miter saw.

So the saw blade can work both sides of the handle. An exceptional feature that comes with the blade is dual central worksite lights. This feature is beneficial for work during night time.

With the help of this feature, you can quickly work even in low light vision. This saw has a metal angle stopper, which helps in precise cutting in the right angle of the large wood piece.

Our team has researched the customer’s Milwaukee 6955-20 reviews given on They found that most of the customers are satisfied with its services. They gave positive reviews about this miter saw.

We entirely love this miter saw. Though we have owned quite a few other top saw brands, however, this saw is our favorite. Digital delivery is an excellent thing while doing modified work on big residences.

We completely suggest the Milwaukee Stand to apply with This miter saw. These two mixed formulate the just the thing job site set up.

What you like

  • You will be pleased with the design and outer look of this miter saw.
  • Milwaukee 6955-20 review miter saw is suitable for rough and heavy project work.
  • It has different angles of bevel adjustment stopping points for easy blade adjustment.
  • The producer provides you five years of limited warranty. This miter saw is a bevel sliding-type saw and that it is suitable for cutting big pieces of wood.
  • The miter saw features with light in both sides of the blade. So, you can work with it in low light.
  • This Milwaukee model has a unique automatic dust collection channel that keeps your sawdust free.
  • The saw is durable and long-lasting for its high-quality construction materials.
  • Most of the customers love the padded handle of this saw because it is comfortable to use.
  • Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw has a clear user manual for understanding the use technique clearly.
  • It features a digital locking system that provides safety.
  • The full body is strong and contains great size; as a result, the saw is excellent and durable.
  • This miter saw includes a motor powered by corded electric ware.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cost of this miter saw is very high, that is not affordable for all.
  • The miter saw is heavy in weight; for this reason, some customers do not like it.
  • Though it is powered by an electric cord so, you cannot work with it if there is no electricity.
  • For its heavyweight, it is hard to move from one place to another without other help.
  • For the miter stop which type of lock they use?
  • Plastic or metal?
  • Answer: Yes, the saw has a rounded metal stop,
  • and they are handy.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Review video Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this miter saw include with bolts to fix it the right direction?
Answer: Of course! We add a couple of extra bolts to construct and include in its packaging box.
How much volt support by this miter saw?
Answer: This miter saw supports 110 volts for providing power to the motor.
Is the saw is heavyweight and long-lasting with a big budget?
Answer: With our observation, this miter saw is heavy but as well as it is durable. So, it is a money worthy product for you.
Where is the saw produced by?
Answer: The saw is produced in Taiwan. It is defiantly a high-quality product with durable metal.
Does this saw come with any special features?
Answer: Yes! This miter saw has a unique dust collecting channel and also features light in both sides of the blades.
Are there any extra components includes with its delivery box? Answer: The producer gives you all the necessary components for setting up the miter saw. The installment payment system also offers you.

Final Words:

Every professional work required expert tools for their projects. Like other woodworkers also need a high-quality miter saw for design or cutting wood
pieces correctly always. Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw is one of the most demandable miters saw in the market for its high efficiency.

Though it is an expensive miter saw than its competitive brands, it provides professional level service for you. So, if you think to buy a durable and money worthy product, then you can choose this miter saw without any doubt.

This Milwaukee 6955-20 review article will help you to find out a good quality miter saw for your workshop. For further information along with miter saw like the saw stand, you may study our previous articles on different types of saw stand for the miter saw related products. Stay happy and enjoy your work!

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