All You Need To Know About Dewalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand Reviews

Dewalt dwx726 miter saw stand with wheels



Highest Weight Capacity

300 Pounds



Product Size 

60 x 17 x 10 inches

Power Source

Electric Cord Based

Product Weight

25 pounds

Battery Requirement


Warranty System 

3 Years of Limited Warranty

Shipping Weight

65.6 pounds

integrated Components

Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Part Number 


Item Package Quantity


Shipping system 

FREE Shipping

Number of Handles



Miter saw stand

Average Customer Review

4.2 out of 5 stars

If you’re in reviewed of a saw stand that you can utilize in your garage, then look into the DWX726 miter saw stand with wheels by DEWALT. The supported lifting system appears in the overloaded arrangement that is suppressed by zip straps with the trigger discharge.

Furthermore, we wish the lifting grip is a bit more firm too, but this does not have an effect on the principal functions. All in all, the main techniques this saw stand finds the job finished. This miter saw stand looks fresh that makes everything a lot easier and takes a lot less working space – you’ll have the benefit of a similar performance all the way through.

With a lot of features and utilities on this tool and know the  Dewalt DWX726 miter saw stand reviews , you might imagine it to hold a high price but amazingly it no more than costs just about $200. We can promise you that this is a high-quality stand. However, it would be best if you were careful while you are unpacking this stand.

Main Feature of Dewalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand Reviews With Wheels

The extensive variable in a feed, as well as out-feed work, holds to provide up to 8 inches of material support as it should be. By far the changeable mounting rails get used to just about every brand miter saw. It includes a remarkable rubber grip surrounded wheels which offer trouble-free job site mobility as well.

Three (3) position pneumatic supported lifting along with lowering intended for the crucial in flexibility with no difficulty of setting up. Also, include a long-lasting and sturdy tubular steel structure permits for approximately three hundred pounds highest weight ability.

Dewalt dwx726 review with wheels

Durability: First things to look at on DeWalt Dwx726 Miter Saw Stand Reviews

This stand is wonderfully solid that finished generally beyond a steal. As a result, 67 lbs is not going to astonish you. Moreover, this model arrives with a handy three-year warranty. That is to confirm that the manufacturer prepared it to fix around a long time. The excellent design is still effective except I fright that with time, it possibly will acquire firmer to effort the stand to the required places.

Stability: Essential Fact!

Take into account that this stand is a rolling stand. This may not be relative as firm as you are with four plain legs stand. However, the stand does grip the miter saw itself so much firmly. It truly grasps it similar to the miter saw does not would allow going. This stand gets 15-20 minutes to fix and get rid of the saw. On the subject of the work wings, I have previously talked about what they can sag with unusual weights.

Although I feel like to put in that they don’t keep on height as you expand the stand out also. The manufacturer actually must have contained a few kinds of carrying on the finish which dives to the position.As a result, you don’t need to shift the materials regarding so neatly.

Portability: Most Smart Feature

Portability is the major center of attention of this model. Nevertheless, it isn’t merely portability for the miter saw stand itself since you know how to leave the miter saw fixed and shift it to a standing place. All you need to perform is discharge the brake and press down on the handle
accurately. To start using the miter saw, you need to discharge the brake once more and stop the handle. I must make a note at this point that you have to enclose the power cord up later than you adjust the place. It’s wonderfully constant in the straight situation even though a miter saw on. However, I fix my one to the partition with the cord ready to step in.

Versatility: Last but not least!

The single versatile feature of this model is compatibility. It is well-matched with nearly all saw you feel like to position on this model. At this time it is Dewalts single-wheeled tools although this is almost certainly not the most excellent blueprint out at hand for the wheeled miter saw

Unique Features: Don't forget to consider

For my part, This manufacturer would include an advanced quality stand if they’d have moved out with constructive embark ends as an alternative of the rollers. I am puzzled concerning why the manufacturer switched over these for the purposes. These rollers finally regulate relatively high; as a result, you know how to utilize the bases of them as not as much of precise stops if it assists in the least. Premium quality ends let you create a similar hold back to one after the other with its assessment.

What We Like:

  • You can buy this saw stand if you have restricted storage space in
    your garage.
  • The stand assembles quickly if you follow the built-in directions.
  • In this DEWALT model, the whole thing looks extremely firm
    and elegant.
  • You can easily set the saw stand straight to accumulate your miter
    saw with the least ground space used.
  • The saw stand folds as well as unfolds quickly and stands properly
    on the wheels as well.
  • The packaging of the miter saw stand is lovely and accurate.
  • It’s also pretty adjustable that more or less all saw brands will connect with no trouble.
  • The grand top setting is a just, right work height for you.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers complain that it’s not as merely transportable to
    the job site.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of this stand is the extension
    arms are very short.
  • Sometimes the cable system of the stand is not working correctly.
  • According to some reviewers, the design of engineering is not up
    to the mark.
  • The instruction manual is disappointingly written and poorly
  • The bolt holes are misaligned poorly, contains inexpensive soft
    metal, not enough piston as well.


Will this stand fit every chop saw? By the way, I am using a craftsmen chop saw.
Answer: You can use “every” chop saws with a few adjustments. Most likely require to adjust the mounting rails, or else create the latest ones to support with the chop
saw mounting spots.
Can the Dewalt planner be applied to this particular stand?
Answer: This Dewalt DWX726 stand will allow every power tool which is secure to nearly all kinds of the tabletop.
Can this Dewalt stand be exchanged for a router table?
Answer: I presume if anyone fixed it up, he possibly would do it, however it not handy in any way. It is an entirety misuse of time.
Does this stand arrive assembled and prepared to apply?
Answer: Not at all! A few assemblies are necessary for this stand.

DWX726 DeWalt Miter Saw Stand Reviews and Setup Video tutorial

Final Words

Before I finish, Do you feel that this is the right time to alter your old miter saw stand or change the past one? There are more than a few brands, and structures of the miter saw stand offered for sale; This is hard to select the top quality saw stand for your workplace. Hence I have given you a

proper Dewalt DWX726 reviews to create your choice to some extent simpler! The material, portability, capacity, weight, durability, and stability are the vital point to notice while you are decided to buy a new saw stand. One and all have got to judge this individuality to find out the best table saw stand for their better woodcutting experience.

This Dewalt DWX726 reviews page will bring you to find out the optimum saw stand model. Although on the brink, I’ll request you to get an express look at my points in this review.
Have a nice day!

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