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If you would like to maintain your job site or garage safe and well-organized, This Dewalt DWX724 review will help you out a great deal. Make your mind up to pay money for a stand is not intended for an overwhelming task.


At the present time, it’s getting tough to decide on the exact miter stand for you. Therefore, many woodworking companies suffer in this industry yearly. Even supposing the cost and funds possibly will manipulate your choice of a saw stand, but you should not to wary about paying a little inexpensive with not as much of a featured product. Once the situation arrives in continuing warranty with significant staring stand, then the cost isn’t a concern with picking an improved stand model.

We promise you to comprise no uncertainty that Dewalt DWX724 is one of the best miter saw stand in the market at the moment as the stand comes with a lightweight aluminum construction system more than ever. Let’s have some more details!



Product Price

$195. 33 check price amazon

Customer Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars

Manufacturer DEWALT Item Weight

29.8 pounds

Sold by

Item Dimensions

32 x 100 x 11.5 in

Batteries Included?



3 Year Limited

Power Source




Seat Padded, Replaceable

Fore/Aft Adjustment

Max. User Weight

350 lb. / 158.8 kg.

Power Requirements

2 D Batteries (Included)


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Batteries Required?


Main Essential Feature

  • The miter saw stand contains a complete design that works with every miter saw brands without fault, this is a nice feature.
  • It is lightweight design and properly aluminum constructed from top to bottom permits for trouble-free additional features carrying toward and from your job site. The maximum weight capacity is only 29.8 lbs. Its compact design feels free rolling miter saw.
  • You will be happy to notice that the legs supply better hold and you can fold it for simple storage space with extra features.
  • The extension lock levers of the stand permit for quick and protected fastening of all extensions arm.
  • Also, Work supports are capable of re-positioning fast everywhere next to the rail.
  • The stand has a packed in design that lets you to a proper transport and storage space as well.
  • Remarkable 40-inch beam with advanced features makes it more significant to hold
    up to 10 feet of material parts and material construction also can handle up to 500
  • The striking leg lock levers permit for a rapid and a straightforward set of connections.
  • The tool rising brackets allocate effortlessly, safety-constructed and sound mounting of your miter saw to the stand.
  • Non-damaging feet on instrument rise will not scratch material by any means.
  • This saw stand does not include any miter saw while you purchase.


This stand is pretty heavy to drag more or less, even with all the aluminum lying on it. We think that they deliver us a body only. Is that an awful thing? Not at all; instead, it is an excellent thing.

This is a piece of evidence toward how firm and well-built this miter saw stand is — no tremble or shake by any means. The yellow ending pieces which legs shell in are excellent material construction – not anything fragile regarding this miter saw stand.

Another beautiful feature and universal design are the legs are straightforward to open out and fastener, also do not fall around formerly they are handled.

The Latch systems are big and flat-operating without sharp edges what’s so ever, as are the wing arm handles. That seems very optimistic and helpful; you will have a solid feel as well.

The finish supports include inset nylon protection resting on them to maintain them to damage up to the aluminum track.

The miter saw maintains the fine intended. This is trouble-free to fasten or take out the miter saw from the Dewalt DWX724 stand with no annoyance. If you are sliding the finish supports off the mounting arms and against the aluminum track is annoying until you know how to play through them a little and become skilled at how to grip the jaws in the approved manner.

Do not try to run into them up against the aluminum track. Just make an effort to act in this manner – shift the arm backside a bit and hop the support above onto the aluminum track.

The manufacturer’s instruction booklet is a fun storybook. Everyone will need an axial glass to sight the diagrams properly. By chance, you do not require the instruction booklet, except you
expect to be recommended not to fly off a twenty-story construction, when you are using this miter, saw stand, together with the entire protection word of warnings.

Just the head-scratcher possibly will be the metal trim opposite on the face of your miter saw stand. You put the face portion of any of the miter saw holds in the notch of that trim to put off on the side shifting of your miter saw. Very safety features and sound just once you have acquired the entire she-bang nailed down.

If you are talking about the Non-Dewalt miter saws, they would not fit with this saw stand except the initial mounted to a bit of regular plywood.

Other than you cannot even consider purchasing a non-Dewalt miter saw. Moreover, you will almost certainly like to pitch all the new non-Dewalt miter saws to keep on the plywood.

What you like

  1. This stand is simple to use and comfortable to assemble.
  2. The miter saw stand is not light in weight.
  3. This DEWALT model has extensions lock levers which became visible of the primary bar to handle a lot longer stock.
  4. It’s well built and long-lasting and has table extensions. Legs fold up with no trouble as soon as breaking down also don’t need loads of space between exercises.
  5. The chop saw by far snapped on the primary beam. Completely secure one time it locks in properly.

What We Don't Like

  1. Some reviewers said that its console did not effort well
  2. Sometimes the product arrives in defective and used conditions
    Some reviewers complained that the user manual is not up to the mark.
  3. The wing arm caps sometimes can’t tie accurately as the metal on the wing arm has been exposed.