The A – Z Of Dewalt Dwx723 Review

In this DEWALT DWX723 review, we will show you why the DWX723 model is better than the others. Picking the accurate DEWALT miter saw stand involves several essential concerns. There’re lots of alternatives with elegant styles to select from. While with a few pieces of the miter saw stand, you initially require to inquire yourself several fundamental, but required issues. 

Dewalt dwx723

Built for light pound in weight aluminum structure, simple to use, this DEWALT DWX723 saw stand  offer an excellent wood-cutting experiences in the ease at your job site or garage. You can go on and concentrate on an outstanding wood cutting session that might get your job done as it should be. 

Understand this writing on since we quarry in to assist with every question you’ve about the DEWALT DWX723 saw stand and share website links to our detailed miter saw reviews.

Let’s have some more details!



Product Price

Customer Rating



Item Weight

35 Pounds

Sold By

Item Dimensions

32 x 150 x 9 in

Included Components

Power Miter Saw, Power Saws, Miter Saws,


3 Year Limited

Power Source




Item Package Quantity


Max. User Weight

500 lb. / 226.796 kg.

Measurement System


Shipping System

FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Part Number






Batteries Required?


What is inside the DEWALT DWX723 Box

  1. Single DWX723 saw stand,
  2. Two changeable work supports
  3. Two well-built mounting brackets.

Main Feature DEWALT DWX723 Stand:

This DEWALT miter saw stand is imported. The extension lock levers of the stand permit for quick and protected fastening of all extensions. It contains an inclusive design that works with all miter saw brands without an error. The extended part of this stand is 151-inch in width, and the folded part width and height is 70 inches and 6 inches correspondingly. The tool rising brackets allocate effortless, safe, and choice sound mounting of your miter saw to the stand. Non-damaging feet on instrument rise will not scratch material by any means. This saw stand does not include any miter saw while you purchase.

 It is light in tool weight capacity and accurately aluminum built from tip to toe lets for easy carrying toward and from your job site and garage. The lightweight of this stand is only 35 pounds with the material. The legs of the stand supply improved grip, and anyone can fold it for comfortable compact storage space.

 The work supports are capable of re-positioning quick all over the place next to the bar. The stand has a packed-in design that lets you a proper transport and effortless storage space as well. A remarkable 5.5 inches beam makes it more significant to hold up to 16 feet of material parts and also can handle up to 500 pounds of material construction. The striking leg lock levers permit a rapid and straightforward set of connections.

Although this DWX723 stand is long-lasting and prepared to increase and grip a great deal, it is a break to accumulate because of the beautiful folding legs. Another good thing is the mounting brackets are working with every miter saw brand by the book. These mounting brackets have a fast discharge feature which composes it feasible to position a miter saw at whichever point lying on the railing, by far releasing the miter saw for portability greater than before.

Moreover, the mounting brackets permit having two miter saws on the miter saw stand in one fell swoop. The material supports are used anywhere required next to the railing along with up and down, which increases the potential of materials incise and miter saws applied. As well as, they possess spin-up material cut ends. 

Another stunning feature is the stand legs are simple to open out and snap, as well as don’t fall around once they are handled. The Latch structures are large and flat-operating with no sharp edges what’s so ever, as are the wing arm handles.

That looks especially optimistic and supportive; you will have a solid feel as well. The stand is straightforward to set up, just all you need to attach the built-in brackets to your miter saw. After that, try to move it to the simple system base. The mounting brackets glide over the rail accurately and break in position.

The miter saw stand does not appear as though it is firm and well-built enough for you to grip the miter saw other than it is. The additional material holds what you can also buy glide on the holding arm and stiffen down firmly. It is pleasant to contain the finish of the workbench backside as well.

Even though it swiftly is packed up once more. There is not at all sufficient horizontal space available! The miter saw stand does get up lots of space in your shop or garage. However, your miter saw can without difficulty be detached, and the stand legs fold up beneath the miter saw stand for simple garage storage.

What We Like

  1. Fully secure just once it locks inaccurately.
    The handles to fold over the legs are significant, and
    hence they’re simple to discourage.
  2. This stand is simple to use and easy to assemble.
    The miter saw stand light in weight capacity.
  3. It’s well built and long-lasting.
    Legs fold up with no trouble as soon as breaking
    down also doesn’t need loads of space between
  4. Easy discharge removable base for the miter saw
    appears with it.
    You will be delighted with the size and quality of this
    saw stand.
  5. The miter saw supports are well intended. It is a simple to transport system from the work station and uneven stairs with no trouble.

What We Don't Like

  1. Some reviewers were frustrated in the condition it arrived.
    Sometimes when the parcel arrived, the package
    was a disorder and broke open at each place.
  2. Both the work ends/supports are enclosed in rust.
    You’ll desecrate hours striving to fix the miter saw to
    the saw stand.
    The wing arm caps sometimes can’t tie accurately
    as the metal on the wing arm has been exposed.
  3. The customer care and shipping delivery process
    are not up to the mark.
    The big problem is a lot of stripped turns, similar to
    the one that holds the variable job support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does this miter saw stand to arrive with appropriate mounting brackets?                                                                                        Answer: Of course, it does. It’s not held that they arrive with them.
  • How far away does every side lengthen?
    Answer: Hence, we are not at the house to determine it; still, we presume more or less 4 feet.
  • Why is not the drop-in on the accurate elevation to be intended for the recurring cuts?
    Answer: This is in the turned over point so the store might be shifted any way above the hold up for nonrecurring cuts.
  • Is the Dewalt or other popular table saw a brand mount to this DWX723 saw stand?
    Answer: Not at all, this stand is only for the miter
    saws and isn’t well-matched with the table saws by
    any means.
  • Can two categories of miter saws of the similar brand make in shape on this saw stand?
    Answer: Of course, they can. It is suitable, long, and
    extremely well-built!
  • Does the manufacturer make wheels to attach to this saw stand?
    Answer: Unfortunately not, the DWX723 compact model
    doesn’t include wheels that can be attached.
  • Does the legs shaky and uneven for everyone as
    well? At present, we collected this and while setup
    the model look as if twisted since it shakes back and
    onward on the level side
    Answer: My one is entirely firm, no shakes in any
  • Do you prefer DWX723 or DWX724? If storage
    space and weight aren’t a worry, then
  • which one might you match?
    Answer: We all know that more significant is better.
    DWX723 has the additional ability, more or less 20
    pounds materials construction more substantial, 30 dollars extra, or else
    they’re as good as the DWX724. In our opinion we
    Love DWX723.
  • Is there a changeable feet belt for this miter saw
    Answer: Unfortunately not, the legs don’t change, by
    no means we found that to be trouble.

Fina Words

Have you found the best DEWALT miter saw stand for woodworkers? If yes, it follows that you’re presumed to run to set off and get it probably! To end with, we honestly trust that you have a proper gain of these DEWALT stands. Currently, we consider it’s a suitable time to pay money for a better option.

The essential awareness and decent attempt will get hold of your woodworking experience into the next stage. If you decide to acquire the up to date and best miter saw stand, this DEWALT DWX723 reviews will assist you correctly.

On the other hand, you’ve to keep you observe the number of awkward features as well. You need to realize all the benefits and drawbacks of the DEWALT DWX723 miter saw stand for woodworking job. Stay safe and happy woodworking!

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